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    MedicalServices that you can Trust

    Billing, Coding, Transcription
    Practice consulting, Compliance Audit & Credentialing

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    EHR with scheduler for your practice

    Our centralized and user-friendly EHR is cloud-based
    Simplify your patient information with our electronic health records software

  • We Care for You

    Free data Conversion

    Make the Switch to V Med Solutions services Free Conversion from Your Existing EHR

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Why V Med Solutions ?

We offer free Automation & Rule engine integrations, free EHR/PMS and Cloud securities for database to every individual provider/ practice.

Special Care Unit

Automation & Rule engines

V Med Solutions use Automation to reduce human errors, and provides a consistent basis of care activities.

Caring Nursing Staff


V Med Solutions build Electronic Health Record based on physician’s requirement.

Advanced Medical Equipment


V Med Solutions provides the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all e-PHI, and provide high security when create, receive, maintain or transmit patient information.

Optum Integrated Medical Billing Software & Services

Medical billing platform that is so complete & effective.

A/R Control Center

Drive revenue with ease. Collections worklists & denial tracking tools take the hassle out of managing receivables so you can collect more, faster.

Practice Benchmarking

See how your practice measures up. Medical billing benchmarking gives you the visibility you need to identify & capitalize on revenue opportunities.

Claims Management

Claims center is a centralized platform that helps you manage the entire claims process in one location, from charge capture to full reimbursement.

Reporting & Analytics

Our reporting software provides you with timely, meaningful financial analytics & customized medical billing reports that help you maximize financial performance.

Billing reports

EMR / EHR Software

The convenience of the cloud meets the personal approach of private practice. Save time & improve clinical outcomes with seamless data transfer, simple charting & electronic prescribing tools.


Electronic Faxing

Save time, money & lots of paper with AdvancedFax. You can securely send, organize & save inbound & outbound documents with just a click.

Electronic Prescribing

Toss those paper scrips & use HIPAA-compliant electronic prescribing. AdvancedRx makes it quick & easy to manage prescriptions & renewals.

Physician Dashboard

We keep you organized. Use the AdvancedEHR physician dashboard to track your daily tasks, appointments, priority items & staff communications.

Clinical Decision Support

Use HealthWatcher to extend continuity of care. Customized health plans help you manage conditions & automated alerts keep patients engaged.

Claims Manager Workflow

Optum Claims Recap


Ability to by pass relationships as well as build custom rules (customer controlled) to meet an organizations unique needs.

Extensive Knowledgebase

Closely emulates payer adjudication System – Only vendor that provides the same knowledge base to providers as well as hundreds of payers.

Positive edits

Identifies additional revenue by alerting providers of unbilled services

Commercial Editing

Extensive commercial knowledgebase and edits that capture key differences between standard Medicare and Medicaid editing that is developed by a team of clinical experts.

Work Flow

What doctors say about V Med Solutions

  • AMP

    I started outsourcing my office billing to V Med Solutions earlier this year. I have noticed a definite increase in collections. Charges are sent out, payments are posted in timely fashion. But they do much more than just billing. They offer additional administrative services such as looking at fee schedules, providing checks on patient insurances, credentialing, and are open to handling just about anything in order for me to do what is needed - see patients. Very happy to have made the switch !

V Med Solutions EHR/PMS Ranking

Every click, feature & workflow of our EHR solution is designed to increase clinical quality, reduce costs, improve staff efficiency & promote patient satisfaction.

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V Med Solutions build Electronic Health Record based on physician’s requirement. Our centralized and user-friendly EHR is cloud-based, so you don't have to worry about servers, backups, or downtime. Enjoy patient data right at your fingertips and update their records in real-time.

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