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V Med Solutions PMS

Practice Management Software. Medical billing, scheduling & financial reporting software that makes managing your practice easier than ever.


Centralized, efficient claims management & billing

V Med Solutions gives you all the tools you need to manage your claims process in one place and to ensure that your claims management and patient billing process run smoothly every time. Our robust clearinghouse automates manual processes and improves workflow with auto-generated worklists and claims status tracking for multiple providers and sites.

Meaningful data to measure your financial performance

Make informed financial decisions based on accurate, real-time data and gain a 360-degree view of your practice’s financial health. Our easy-to-read dashboard of interactive tools displays daily updates with MTD, YTD and period comparisons. Take advantage of big data technology, analytics and business intelligence to uncover your hidden revenue opportunities.


A/R Control Center

Drive revenue with ease. Collections worklist & denial tracking tools take the hassle out of managing receivables so you can collect more, faster.

Claims Management

Claims center is a centralized platform that helps you manage the entire claim process in one location, from charge capture to full reimbursement.

Cloud Hosted Medical Billing

More freedom, less equipment. Cloud-hosted medical billing keeps your data secure and save you a bundle on equipment & IT costs.

EMR/EHR Integration

Claims data and copy charges automatically pass into your electronic health records, so you dont have to worry about manual process & double data entry