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Practice Consulting
Practice Consulting


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V Med Solutions Practice Consulting

Practice Consulting

V Med Solutions Practice Management provides you with all the practice analytic-key performance indicators that helps you reduce operational cost, increase collection and streamline operation.

We provide strategic consulting services across all the aspects of your business. From helping you start a new practice to analyzing and fixing process gaps, we hold your hand at every stage. We help medical practices and groups of all sizes to optimize their billing and clinical operations. We can guide you through the process of EHR implementation, provide technology and help you manage your resources better.

Revenue cycle management

We strive to understand the day-to-day operations of your practice and assess all your critical processes, before making any changes. We assess all your critical processes.

Some of the questions we seek to answer include:

How efficient is the scheduling and patient eligibility workflow?

How long are patient wait times?

How long is a typical billing cycle?

What is your A/R follow up schedule?

Are you credentialed and contracted correctly?

Are you losing money due to ignored or underpaid claims?

After completing the assessment, we tailor recommendations based on the specific requirements of your practice.


We provide technology and software recommendations to help your practice. Our Developing team will support all your requirements in routine/ specific applications.