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Compliance Audit
Compliance Audit


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V Med Solutions Compliance Audit

Compliance Audit

We offer 360-degree compliance audit services to guide practices and hospitals. This service reduces denials, ensures regulatory compliance, and improves cash flow, in addition to preventing exposure to financial risk from government entities and payer audits.

We are a medical transcription company that provides medical practices with fast and truthful medical transcriptions. The insights we have gained and technology we have developed authorize doctors to capture the complete patient story, while also improving EHR adoption, patient care and your revenue stream.

What we provide

Analysis of historical charts, associated documentation and reimbursement trends.

Identify patterns and tendencies in coding methods.

Detailed report of findings.

Recommendations and cross-references regarding industry and specialty best practices.

Coding compliance

Initiate the process of scrutinizing historical and current claims.

Establish modifier usage correctness based on correct Coding Initiatives.

Ensure relational coding is being done correctly.