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V Med Solutions Schedular

Change the tempo of your front office with V Med Solutions Scheduling. Move your practice forward with medical scheduling software that streamlines your day from start to finish.

V Med Solutions Reminder

Automate those tiny, manual to-do’s with V Med Solutions Reminders. You’re a doctor, not a secretary. Say goodbye to all those administrative chores by sending automated patient appointment reminders & start seeing more patients.

Top-notch tech for private practice.

V Med Solutions Reminders is an invaluable feature to improve your front desk and scheduling effectiveness. Stop flipping through calendars & use our reminders with V Med Solutions Scheduling to manage appointments, wait lists & calendars for one or more practice locations.

For an even shorter to-do list, look to the V Med Solutions cloud suite. It’s the only all-in-one software platform that combines our medical billing, clinical & patient experience systems. It helps you run every aspect of your practice on one powerful, customizable platform. Now that’s memorable.


Schedule Snapshot

Use the snapshot view to see daily appointment counts for each provider, resource ot practice location

Recurring Appointments

Save time by setting a series of recurring appointments. Adjust any appointment in the series as needed.

Waitlist Management

Add patients to a waitlist and set a trigger to have them automatically entered into a new available timeslot.

Patient Room Tracking

Track patient office visit and use key metrics to shorten wait times and increase both staff and facility utilization.