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Medical Billing
Medical Billing
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A medical billing service that won’t nickel & dime you. When you choose AdvancedRCM, you pay an affordable & predictable percent of collections. You see your reimbursement right away & you see more.

V Med Solutions Medical Billing Services

Eligibility Verfication

V Med Solutions process Eligibility verification prior to appointments and provide fastest service through Automation, it includes Benefits and Pre-Authorizations, to ensure minimal denials and maximum reimbursement.


V Med Solutions strive to obtain prior authorization before the appointment get scheduled. We get back accurate results, faster by automation and phone calls, this ensures minimal denials and maximum reimbursement for the procedures you perform.

Claim Submission

V Med Solutions provides an end-to-end claims management solution. From charge entry to claims submission to payment positing and reconciliation, we ensure that accurate charges go out and appropriate payments are received.

Completion of CMS-1500 form for each patient visit, Automated Claim Generation, Automated Electronic Submission, Claim scrubbing prior to submission, Clearinghouse integration, Direct deposits from payers and reconciliation with your bank, Payment posting for paper EOBS.

Follow up and Denials

V Med Solutions monitor all your claims closely and continuously to maximize cash flow requirements. If claims are not paid during a specified period, we will take necessary action on the unpaid claim to correct and resubmit it.