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V Med Solution Automations and Rule Engine

Technology you & your patients will love. V Med Solutions RCM is the hassle-free revenue cycle management solution. We help you create a high-tech practice that will help improve patient engagement & experience.

Rule Engine

Automations & Rule engine

V Med Solutions use automations to reduce human errors and provides a consistent base of care activities. Our automation process works based on both Provider and Payer rules. V Med Solutions builds Rule Engine for every individual practice or provider. Rule Engine build based on practice type. Type & number of services and type of network status of provider with payer Rule Engine will allows only if all the Sending information (Claim submission, enrollment, credentialing) and receiving information (Eligibility, A/R, claim status) satisfied. EHR Software V Med Solutions builds Electronic Health Record based on physician’s requirement. Our EHR is cloud based, easy to access, fast and reliable.


V Med Solutions provides the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all e-PHI, and provide high security when create, receive, maintain or transmit patient information. 100% HIPAA compliant Our office is fully secure with Biometric system logins, cc camera surveillance, Firewall security for internet. Cloud Security: V Med Solutions cloud securities are based on HIPAA safeguards and data protection strategies. We use data encryption without a decryption key to secure patient health information. V Med Solutions provides System availability and reliability, Back-up and data recovery. Security responsibility, and use retention and disclosure limitations.


Claims Management

Our team handles each claim from start to finish, including first and secondary fillings, followups on unpaid claims and processing exclusions, denials and appeals.

Payments and Posting

We do the legwork to put more money in your pocket. Let our billing experts process, match & post payments while you take care of running your practice.

Fully Integration

V Med Solutions RCM includes integrated scheduling, EHR & MobileDoc, so you can access all practice data from a single location, anytime.

Patient Information

A click is all it takes to view and verify patient information & balance due. Make updates or add notes in the same screen, then click again to complete check-in.